NuKen (AAA +)


(80%Indica – 20% Sativa )
THC 18-24%
CBD 0-1%
Effect: Happy, Dancing, Body High, Relaxing and Chilling
Nuken will make you say ‘Oh Canada!’ in more ways than one! This certified Canadian cannabis is some of the most high-quality bud you can get your hands on. Nuken is ideal for those chill nights when you want to veg and space out with its unique scent and flavour and intense, long-lasting effects! Nuken is naturally stunning! This strain has a dense bud structure with vibrant neon green buds. Nuken also has a generous coating of sticky trichomes. These tiny crystals make it glisten like the glorious snow of the Canadian Rockies!


NuKen (AAA +)
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